1970 Baseball Replay

Wednesday, April 29, 1970 ~ Metropolitan Stadium

The Machine, Harmon Killebrew (6 runs batted in)
Bombs Away!, Harmon Killebrew (2 homeruns)
She'll be coming..., Cesar Tovar (2 triples)

Player of the Game

Game Score: 88


4,241 (10.6%)

Starters' Game Scores

CLE: Rich Hand : 36 MIN: Jim Kaat : 64

Head to Head

Date Away Home
4/27 CLE 5 MIN 2
4/28 CLE 1 MIN 4
4/29 CLE 3 MIN 12
4/30 CLE 2 MIN 3
5/8 MIN 4 CLE 3
5/9 MIN 20 CLE 6
5/10 MIN 1 CLE 2
7/19 CLE MIN
7/20 CLE MIN
7/28 MIN CLE
7/29 MIN CLE
7/30 MIN CLE
MIN 5 wins vs. CLE 2 wins
7 played of 12 total games

American League
  • OAK 3 @ BOS 4
    Rico Petrocelli hit a three-run home run with one out in the bottom of the ninth to lift the Boston Red Sox over the Oakland A's, 4-3.

    The victory was Boston's seventh in a row and maintained a tie atop the American League East with Baltimore.
  • CAL 3 @ NYY 11
    A little uncertainty for the Halos as Andy Messersmith is roughed up in the Bronx in a 11-3 loss. Messersmith complained of arm soreness after his start in Washington on the 24th. He took a cortisone shot the following night.

    Messersmith should be the backbone of the Angels staff if they are to continue to contend. Andy could not make it out of the 4th inning after surrendering 7 hits and 4 walks.
  • MIL 3 @ WSA 4
    The Brewers cannot hold the lead as the Nats rally from a three-run deficit in the ninth to win. Veteran Lee Maye singled home Mike Epstein with the winning run.

    Newly acquired Rick Reichardt started the rally with a pinch-hit triple, his first base hit in a Senators uniform.
National League
  • CHC 0 @ PIT 10
    Roberto Clemente hit a pair of homers as the Bucs clobbered the Cubs to take a one game lead in the NL East.