Reichardt Fires Parting Shot in Wake of Trade

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April 27, 1970

The Angels traded promise that never materialized and promise that someday might accrue to the Senators yesterday. In exchange, the Angels got the power hitter that club officials claim can be the catalyst in California’s bid of the championship of the American League West. Traded to the Senators were: Rick Reichardt, 27 years old and

Phils No-Hit Second Straight Weekend; Padres’ Kirby Turns Trick

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April 26, 1970

The Philadelphia Phillies were no-hit for the second time in as many weekends. Las week, it was the Mets’ young fireballer, Nolan Ryan. Yesterday at San Diego Stadium, the Phils matched up with 21-year-old Clay Kirby, a 19-game loser last season who entered this contest with an ERA of 8.83. But, Kirby showed promise in

Mets’ Ryan No-Hits Phillies, 5-0.

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April 18, 1970

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Apollo 13 on Moonward Course

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April 12, 1970
Apollo 13 launch

Three American astronauts sped smoothly toward a risky moon adventure Saturday and watched as a spent rocket hull was sent fleeting ahead to a lunar collision that may reveal secrets of the moon’s interior. Apollo 13 astronauts James L. Lovell, Jr., Fred W. Haise, Jr., and John L. Swigert, Jr. firmly on their path to

Nixon Sees Bosman Blank Tigers, 6-0.

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April 6, 1970

President Nixon made a belated appearance at the ballpark today to see Dick Bosman and the Washington Sentors shut out the Detroit Tigers, 6-0. The President waited at the White House until assured that his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Harrold Carswell, had won a test vote in the Senate, then headed for Robert F. Kennedy