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In Dodger Rookie Book, Ted's No. 1

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August 27, 1969

The Los Angeles Dodgers Mod Squad hit the headlines, the magazine covers and the sports columns with an early-season impact which, while it had its effect on the pennant race, wasn’t expected to last too long. But now, in the twilight hours of 1969, the Mod Squad is still helping make the Dodgers tick, and

Dodgers Make Deal for Bunning

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August 18, 1969

When Al Campanis completed the deal with Pittsburgh for Jim Bunning, it was immediately labeled the new vice-president’s “second pennant deal.” The first was the acquisition from Montreal of Maury Wills and Manny Mota, both of whom have played powerful roles in keeping the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West race. It was

Drysdale Bows Out

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August 11, 1969

Don Drysdale says he’s in good physical shape – strong legs, good reflexes, timing just as good as ever. Only one thing is bothering him but it’s forcing his retirement. The 6-foot-6 Los Angeles Dodger right-hander said yesterday he was quitting baseball because of a painful baseball because of a painful injury to his right

Singer Repeats, Bosman Debuts as Pitchers of the Month

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August 1, 1969

Bill Singer was named Pitcher of the Month for the second time this season, and this month, his success on the mound translated into team success in the standings. The Dodgers were baseball’s hottest team in July, and had inched ahead in the NL West by month’s end. Singer’s success this season has helped the

Dodgers Finally Bring Wills Back

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June 11, 1969

Infielder Maury Wills returned to Los Angeles in a three-cornered trade involving the Dodgers, the Montreal Expos, and the Chicago Cubs. The Dodgers traded Ron Fairly and Paul Popovich to the Expos for Wills and outfielder Manny Mota. Montreal then swapped infielder Popovich to the Cubs for center fielder Adolfo Phillips and relief pitcher Jack

Young Arms Singer and Peterson Take Mound Honors

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June 1, 1969

The Los Angeles Dodgers, known this decade for their pitching, appeared to have developed an heir to the throne of Koufax and Drysdale. Twenty five year old homegrown Bill Singer was named National League Pitcher of the Month for May, 1969. Singer won 6 of his 7 decisions while striking out 45 in 58 innings

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