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Robby, Rusty Named Top August Batters

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September 2, 1969

The Baltimore Orioles are laying waste on their American League competition, but it will mean nothing until the AL pennant is flying again over Memorial Stadium. In the meanwhile, the Oriole players are collecting monthly accolades like a ten-year-old boy collects baseball cards. This time, Frank Robinson is honored with American League Batter of the

Robby and Rusty Top August Batters

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September 1, 1969

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Face Available, If Wanted

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August 27, 1969

Some baseball people were surprised when the Montreal Expos released Elroy Face a couple of weeks ago. The former Pirate bullpen ace had done a good job for Gene Mauch. He had won three games, saved twelve with three losses. “I wasn’t surprised,” Face said yesterday upon his return from a fishing trip. “I guess

Expos Are Collecting Blue Chippers

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June 15, 1969

The Expos have been wheeling and dealing like penny stock promoters in the past few weeks, but they feel two of the deals have produced blue-chip performers and a third swap could be a bonus. Starting out with 30 players considered expendable by ten established teams, the Canadian club now owns three men who were

Cubs Quit On Adolfo, Ship Him to Montreal

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June 11, 1969

Cub Manager Leo Durocher, who is trying to win a pennant, gave up on Adolfo Phillips and at the same time protected his infield against further injuries by trading the outfielder. In exchange, he received Paul Popovich, a sure-handed infielder who can play second, third, or short. The deal for Popovich, a one-time Cub who

Dodgers Finally Bring Wills Back

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Infielder Maury Wills returned to Los Angeles in a three-cornered trade involving the Dodgers, the Montreal Expos, and the Chicago Cubs. The Dodgers traded Ron Fairly and Paul Popovich to the Expos for Wills and outfielder Manny Mota. Montreal then swapped infielder Popovich to the Cubs for center fielder Adolfo Phillips and relief pitcher Jack

Memorial Day Action

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May 30, 1969

The 1969 baseball campaign reached the Memorial Day pole as the clubs jockey for position for the summer stretch. The division leaders have held their grounds, but strange things happen in baseball during the heated months. The new division format doubles pennant fever this summer as more teams should have playoff aspirations. The biggest surprise

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