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Clyde Wright, Jim Perry Share Pitcher of the Month Honors

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May 1, 1970
Clyde Wright Celebration

The California Angels celebrated one of the most successful months in franchise history this April. The club’s accomplishments were recognized with the naming of Clyde Wright as American League Pitcher of the Month, but the party was crashed by the defending division champion, Minnesota Twins, as Wright shares the spotlight with the Twins’ new found

Reichardt Fires Parting Shot in Wake of Trade

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April 27, 1970

The Angels traded promise that never materialized and promise that someday might accrue to the Senators yesterday. In exchange, the Angels got the power hitter that club officials claim can be the catalyst in California’s bid of the championship of the American League West. Traded to the Senators were: Rick Reichardt, 27 years old and

AL West Preview

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April 6, 1969

OAKLAND has more good young players than any ball club in either league. It is a young team on the upgrade and needs only the honing of experience and leadership. The latter should be forcibly provided by manager Hank Bauer, the tough ex-Marine. With the exception of catcher Jim Pagliaroni, a 31 yr. old part

Angels See Starter's Job in Messersmith's Future

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August 26, 1968

The name Andy Messersmith sounds like something out of a scenario about the Luftwaffe. Messersmith is a rookie pitcher for the Angels. His derring-do in 16 appearances with the team has left the opposition muttering. “He has some of the best breaking pitches I’ve ever seen in a pitcher that young (23),” said Manager Bill

A Silk Brocade Jacket: Murphy's Mod, Man

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August 5, 1968

Everybody keeps talking about this super wardrobe that Red Sox slugger Ken Harrelson owns. One look in Harrelson’s closet and you’d swear that he’s married to Madame Pandit and not a cute young thing named Betty Ann. And then there’s Tom Murphy, the no-hit kid sensation of the California Angels. Oh, he’s got a couple

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