SF Closes to Two on Heels of Late Rally

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August 28, 1966

Augie Donatelli awoke in his hotel room after a good night’s sleep. He went down to lobby, and sat at the end of the counter in the hotel restaurant. The Sunday paper left behind by a previous customer sat on the stool beside him. Donatelli picked up the paper as his coffee and bacon arrived. The sports section read of the glorious victory of the Giants, and the sports editorials read of the disappointment of Marichal’s lost perfect game on a blown call. Donatelli took his final sip of coffee, and walked up to the register with the paper folded under his arm. Augie looked down into his pockets for change. The clerk, noticing the paper, commented, “Damn shame about Marichal.” Donatelli glanced up at the young man, laid exact change on the counter, and walked away.

When he arrived at the ball park, only one reporter, a rookie, approached the veteran umpire. Augie Donatelli wasn’t in any mood for a calm discussion of the play. “How in the hell do the Giants know if he was out?” The reporter made a u-turn and finished scribbling his quote in a small notebook. When play began, Donatelli took his position behind home plate. He was unaffected by the cacophony of boos that reigned upon him. He knew he was right. Moreover, managers and players alike knew Donatelli knew he was right. This is why the newspapers and fans protested the call more than Herman Franks and Juan Marichal. The intensity of the boos grew as Donatelli called Gaylord Perry’s first pitch a ball. Maury Wills bounced the next pitch to Tito Fuentes for a routine groundout. A derisive cheer arose when Donatelli called Perry’s first pitch to Junior Gilliam a strike. This gamesmanship with the crowd continued, although Donatelli was not participating until Lou Johnson opened the Dodger third with his ninth home run.

The Dodgers added another run in the inning as Don Sutton and Wills followed Johnson’s clout with safeties. Gilliam grounded to second, and Lanier forced out Wills at second base. With runners at the corners, Willie Davis singled past Hal Lanier to drive home Sutton. The Giants scored their first run in the fifth in this same manner. Jay Alou and Lanier singled, and Perry grounded into a fielder’s choice cutting down Lanier at second. With runners at the corners, Fuentes lined the first pitch he saw back from where it came to plate Alou. Sutton retired the side without further damage, and the game continued as a one-run affair until the eighth inning.

Willie McCovey knotted the game with his 29th home run, a blistering line drive that flew left of the right field foul pole. The Dodger bench grew tense as a sense of deja vu crept over the players. At this point, not one person in Candlestick Park recalled that it was Augie Donatelli behind the plate. The Dodgers got Jim Lefebvre in scoring position in their half of the ninth, but Johnson left Lefebvre to die at second with a harmless pop fly to Len Gabrielson in left field. Yesterday’s hero Tom Haller opened the Giant ninth with a single that landed in front of Johnson in left. Herman Franks summoned Don Mason to run for the catcher, and on the fourth pitch to Alou, sent Mason on the run. Alou grounded weakly to the left of the mound. Wills charged, but Alou was able to beat the throw to first. First base umpire Stan Landes received his first standing ovation. Unamused, Augie Donatelli motioned for Hal Lanier to step up to bat. Lanier hung tough against a tiring Sutton, but finally Sutton retired the Giant second baseman on a fast ball high and tight. Franks called up Cap Peterson to bat for the pitcher, and Walter Alston sauntered to the mound to rescue his rookie starter. Bob Miller and his palm ball was called upon by Alston. Phil Regan was also warming up in the Dodger pen, but Miller had pitched very well of late. Alston wanted to give Miller his turn in the fire. A double play was in order, and Miller was Alston’s man. The pitcher’s spot was up next in the Dodger lineup, and when the game went into extra frames, it would be the Vulture going the distance.

Peterson never saw that palm ball as he turned on Miller’s first offering. The ball was scorched past Kennedy at third and into the left field corner. Mason trotted home, and the Giants celebrated another comeback victory and a sweep over the rival Dodgers. San Francisco now stood only two games back. In St. Louis, Pittsburgh completed a sweep over the Cardinals and the Bucs climbed to six games back.

8/28/1966, LAD66-SFG66, Candlestick Park

                       1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9     R  H  E   LOB DP
1966 Los Angeles       0  0  2  0  0  0  0  0  0     2  6  0     6  1
1966 San Francisco     0  0  0  0  1  0  0  1  1     3 10  1     8  0

Los Angeles          AB  R  H BI   AVG    San Francisco        AB  R  H BI   AVG
Wills             ss  4  0  1  0  .279    Fuentes           ss  3  0  1  0  .277
Gilliam           3b  4  0  0  0  .241    Gabrielson        lf  4  0  0  0  .237
 Kennedy          3b  0  0  0  0  .219    Mays              cf  4  0  1  0  .274
Davis,W           cf  4  0  1  1  .269    McCovey           1b  3  1  2  1  .323
Fairly            rf  4  0  0  0  .316    Hart              3b  4  0  0  0  .294
Lefebvre          2b  3  0  1  0  .277    Haller            c   4  0  1  0  .226
Roseboro          c   4  0  0  0  .272     Mason            pr  0  1  0  0  .067
Parker            1b  3  0  1  0  .284    Alou              rf  4  1  3  0  .241
Johnson           lf  4  1  1  1  .237    Lanier            2b  4  0  1  0  .265
Sutton            p   3  1  1  0  .169    Perry             p   2  0  0  1  .159
 Miller           p   0  0  0  0  .000     Burda            ph  1  0  0  0  .273
                     33  2  6  2           McDaniel         p   0  0  0  0  .077
                                           Peterson         ph  1  0  1  1  .243
                                                               34  3 10  3

Los Angeles                      INN  H  R ER BB  K PCH STR   ERA
Sutton           L 14-9          8.1  9  3  3  2  5 128  88  3.18
Miller                           0.0  1  0  0  0  0   1   1  0.99
                                 8.1 10  3  3  2  5 129  89

San Francisco                    INN  H  R ER BB  K PCH STR   ERA
Perry                            7.0  4  2  2  1  2  97  66  2.39
McDaniel         W 6-2           2.0  2  0  0  0  0  28  17  2.32
                                 9.0  6  2  2  1  2 125  83

LAD: Kennedy inserted at 3b in the 8th
SFG: Burda batted for Perry in the 7th
     Mason ran for Haller in the 9th
     Peterson batted for McDaniel in the 9th

E-Hart. 2B-Peterson. HR-Johnson(9), McCovey(29). K-Wills, Fairly,
Gabrielson 2, Mays, Hart, Lanier. BB-Lefebvre, Fuentes, McCovey. SH-Parker.
GWRBI: Peterson
Temperature: 66, Sky: clear, Wind: left to right at 19 MPH.

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