Kekich Pleases Dodgers, Delights L.A. Fans

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July 4, 1968

Twenty-three year old Mike Kekich – colorful, capable, and quite possibly, colossal in the not-to-distant future – came along as the pleasant surprise of the Dodgers as the season turns the corner toward the second half. “He’s already ‘another Sandy Koufax’ to some and, while this comparison is obviously premature, there is no doubt the buzz-bombing lefthander has the ability as well as gate appeal.” Kekich was ejected from a game before ever appearing in one, which is a record only someone like Kekich could achieve. Later in that same summer of 1965, the bonus kid who had to be carried by the club, married and took off on his honeymoon via motorcycle. His bride fell off and broke her leg. His most colorful road outfit is a tight, one-piece jump suit such as is worn by paratroopers.

Kekich turned heads with eight scoreless innings against the front-running Cardinals on July 3rd. He debuted with a two-hit shutout against the Phillies April 16 so expectations have been high all season, and Kekich (4-2) has met them. Kekich credits Lefty Phillips and Red Adams for improving his control last winter in the Arizona Instructional League. He has learned his lessons well.

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