Dodger Mod Squad Adds ‘Grabby’ at Short

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April 25, 1969

The new Dodger Mod Squad, including four juveniles eligible for the Rookie of the Year award, has Los Angeles fans re-energized about their club. The Dodgers, after two losing seasons, are hungry once again, and so are the rooters who gradually are placing their trust in the Mod Squad. Bill Russell, 20, opened in right field, Bill Sudakis gave the club its first permanent third baseman in more than ten years, and a minor league catcher, Ted Sizemore, was performing at shortstop. Then, Manager Walter Alston and GM Al Campanis called up 23-year-old Billy Grabarkewitz who is considered the prize of all the Dodger kids.

To make room for Grabby, Sizemore was moved from short to second, where he had worked in the Arizona Instructional League and during the spring in Florida. They had only played as a combination in only three games all spring but seemed to take to each other immediately. Alston, like the Mod Squad, has yet to make a mistake. He had been tempted to make an even bolder move. “If I had known this spring what I know now about Russell, I would have moved him from outfield to shortstop. He would be a good one, I’m sure,” said Alston.

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