San Francisco Bull Pen Key to Success

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August 30, 1966

The Giants have an underrated bull pen. Of the three top contenders, the Giants pen is less gaudy, but Lindy McDaniel, Frank Linzy, Bill Henry and Bob Priddy have had more than their share of bail-out jobs.

First off, the Giants get a lot of complete games from Juan Marichal (24) and Gaylord Perry (10). But the Giant front office thinks it made the deal of the year in getting McDaniel from the Cubs. Baseball’s most popular pastime, wherever Giant fans gathered this summer, was trying to decide which was the club’s worst deal.

The Giants were ridiculed for trading Orlando Cepeda to the Cards for Ray Sadecki, maligned for letting Matty Alou escape to Pittsburgh, hooted for letting Manny Mota get away and scorned for Felipe Alou being in Atlanta. But they think they made the deal of the year in getting Lindy, if they win the pennant. “Where would we be without him?” asked Manager Herman Franks.

McDaniel has been used in a team-high 42 games, and is 6-2, 6 saves, and a 2.32 ERA in 85 1/3 innings. Fortunately, it doesn’t take Lindy long to warm up. “You can waste your stuff in the bull pen if you don’t know how to warm up,” he said, explaining his technique for durability.

He’s noted for his forkball. “Right now it’s my No.3 or No. 4 pitch,” he said, “behind my fast ball and slider. I never had used the forkball as much as I read about using it. But if you throw an unorthodox pitch, they write it up. It makes good reading.”

There’s a good chance the Giants may add two short-inning men to their bull pen for the September showdown. The plan is to reactivate lefty Billy Hoeft, now filling in as pitching coach during Larry Jansen’s illness. And righthander Don Larsen, of World Series no-hitter fame, may be recalled from Phoenix.

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