Allen Suspended; Says He's Through

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June 25, 1969
Richie Allen
Richie Allen’s stormy relationship with the Phillies” brass is threatening his future in Philadelphia.

The saga of Philadelphia slugger Richie Allen took another turn yesterday as the club announced Allen would be suspended indefinitely without pay after missing yesterday’s double header against the Mets at Shea Stadium. Manager Bob Skinner said he had sent a wire to Allen at his Philadelphia home, notifying him of the suspension. “The next move is up to him,” said Skinner. “I have not talked to him. I tried to reach him but could not.” In Philadelphia, John Quinn, general manager of the Phillies, said “What we want to do is have Skinner talk to Allen and find out the circumstances why he failed to show up at the ball park yesterday. Beyond that I have no comment.”
When approached by reporters at the team hotel in New York, Allen responded, “I’m through with them. I am not going to do nothing until they trade me.” Allen, a $75,000 a year player, had been in several jams with Phils’ management in recent years. He was last fined $1,000 for missing 1 1/2 games inn St. Louis in May. “I have no idea where the man is now,” Skinner said. “He asked permission Monday to come up to New York and go to the heavyweight title fight and I haven’t heard from him since. I understand that he called during the first game – Dick Farrell took the call – but when I got to the phone, it was dead.”

How long can the sinking Phillies do without their No. 1 slugger who leads the team with a .291 average, 22 home runs and 44 RBI? “That’s up to Mr. Allen,” said Skinner, an ex-Marine. “It depends on what he tells me when I see him again. But I’m firm in this direction, the suspension, and he’s going to have to make a lot of adjustments before it’s lifted. The game is too big for this type of thing. When a player misses a game, that’s one of the biggest felonies that can happen.” For every game he misses, it will cost him a day’s pay – $463.


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