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Angel Angles – October 3, 1965

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October 3, 1965

* Fred Haney recently cited the Angels’ desperate need for consistent hitting. What he meant was hitting, period. While winning 76 games and losing 86, the Angels scored only 569 runs, second lowest in the junior circuit, for an average of 3.5 runs per game. In an area famed for its movie-land divorces, the Angels’

Campy Circles The Diamond in Loss

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September 8, 1965

With the club in last place and attendance dwindling, Kansas City owner Charlie O. Finley thought of another promotion to top “Farmer’s Night”, “Automotive Industry Night,” and “Sportsman Night,” Finley now devised “Campy Campaneris Night.” The promotion was intended to honor the most popular Kansas City player – the versatile Bert Campaneris. The promotion worked

Angel Angels – July 11, 1965

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July 11, 1965

First Half MVP: Willie Smith .318, 11 RBI, 49 RBI Wonderful Willie, a former pitcher, has blossomed into an All-Star outfielder for the Seraphs. Impact Rookie: Jose Cardenal .237, 9 HR, 29 RBI, 27 SB Acquired from the Giants for Jack Hiatt, Cardenal is quickly emerging as the AL’s best basestealing threat. He just needs

Angel Angles – May 31, 1965

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May 31, 1965

* Jimmy Piersall fractured his left knee cap running into the left field foul pole in pursuit of a foul ball off the bat of Minnesota’s Jerry Kindall in the ninth inning of a 3-1 loss, May 18. Piersall remarkably remained in the game, but X-ray results after the game revealed the injury. “They padded

Bird Seed – May 31, 1965

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* It was like Brooks Robinson had never been away. Manager Hank Bauer had said with a sigh that the Orioles would have to suffer along with Robby and Sam Bowens when they returned following injuries, and that it might cost the club a few games while it waited for the two to regain their

Angel Angles – May 15, 1965

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May 15, 1965

# Halfway through the month, the Angels boast the best record in May which has boosted them to two and a half games away from first-place Baltimore. No one is talking pennant, but there is a quiet feeling that this club boasts the same spirit plus better personnel than the 1962 Angels, who finished third

Angel Angles – April 12, 1965

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April 12, 1965

Four players acquired over the winter by GM Fred Haney have opened the eyes of manager Bill Rigney this spring. The Halos re-acquired Vic Power after trading him to Philadelphia during the stretch drive last season, and received P Marcelino Lopez as part of that trade. Haney then shipped Jack Hiatt to San Francisco for

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