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The Most Painful of Losses

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October 5, 1968

Oct. 5 – As the sellout crowd filed out of Tiger Stadium, a common thought was shared among the faithful. Their beloved Tigers were surely on their way to a second consecutive championship. Detroit defeated St. Louis, 5-4, in one of the most thrilling and heart breaking of contest in the history of the Fall

Play of Tolan Grabs Attention of Cardinal Brass

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June 6, 1967

The Cardinals may be as grateful to the Pirates for Bobby Tolan as they were for dealing them Julian Javier seven years ago. Tolan, grabbed by the Redbirds in the draft after the speedster played the 1963 season in Reno, hasn’t bloomed fully, but the 21-year-old shapes up so well that batting coach Dick Sisler

Redbird Chirps – August 15, 1965

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August 15, 1965

# The two-man catching staff of Tim McCarver and Bob Uecker was wiped out with injuries during a three-game home stand with the Giant, August 6. First, McCarver was shelved in the opening game with a badly bruised thumb, and finally returned to the lineup in yesterday’s 5-3 loss to Cincinnati. Uecker was sidelined in

Redbird Chirps – May 15, 1965

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May 15, 1965

* It was nice to have Tracy Stallard around when the Cardinals were sputtering so often in the first five weeks of the season. Not only was Stallard a good influence in the clubhouse and on planes and buses. His Hank Snow records pepped up things when he played them in them back of the

Redbird Chirps – April 12, 1965

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April 12, 1965

Tim McCarver suffered a broken index finger, March 16, and has missed the balance of the exhibition phase except for three pinch-hitting appearances. Because of McCarver’s questionable status, the Cardinals added Dave Ricketts to their squad to back up second-stringer Bob Uecker behind the plate. Ed Spiezio led everyone in the Cardinal camp with an

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