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Bing Shakes Redbird Nest

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June 6, 1969

Bing Devine keeps changing players around as if they were so many bubble gum cards. The Cardinals’ general manager ought to receive an award as the best friend the airlines ever had. Before Bing is through, the Redbirds’ 1968 pennant winners will have to hold a reunion soon if they want to reminisce about the

Sox, Concerned Over Peters' Health, Obtain Ribant

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July 26, 1968

The White Sox made a deal with the Tigers that superficially looked unimportant when they swapped Don McMahon, veteran relief hurler, for Dennis Ribant, a second-line pitcher used very little by Detroit manager Mayo Smith. Of course, it isn’t trivial to the Tigers, who beefed up their bullpen with an experienced hand. And neither is

Mets 3-22 Record Pains Westrum

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May 14, 1967

As he struggles along trying ot overcome a slow start, even by Mets’ standards, it is fairly obvious that Manager Wes Westrum isn’t taking orders from the front office. The team he puts on the field every day is his team, not a lineup dictated to him by Bing Devine. Westrum went along with his

Ryan Impressive in Debut

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September 11, 1966

Mets manager Wes Westrum promised to take a look at Nolan Ryan, but nobody expected the lanky Texan to make his major league debut in a scoreless duel or to debut in such a spectacular fashion. Westrum inserted Ryan in relief of Dennis Ribant who had battled Atlanta starter Pat Jarvis for seven innings. Ty

Met Memos – June 23, 1965

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June 23, 1965

# With a tenth-place team like the Mets, the tomorrows become very important. About 100 times more important as the todays, which most Mets would like to forget. There are exceptions, of course. Take Charley Smith, for instance. As a Dodger, Phillie and White Sox player, Smith did not dwell much on the todays. He

Astronotes – April 15, 1965

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April 15, 1965

* Joe Gaines, who impressed Manager Luman Harris this spring to earn a major-league job, enjoyed a career day at Shea Stadium on April 14. Gaines hit two home runs, one off Met reliever Dennis Ribant and the other off Carl Willey, in the 6-5 extra inning loss. A batter hitting two home runs in

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