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Giants Acquire Groat From Philadelphia

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June 22, 1967

Dick Groat, tired from a sleepless plane trip and hobbled by an injury, hopes he can justify the gamble the San Francisco Giants took in buying him. “I feel fortunate that the Giants gambled on me and I hope to play as much as possible,” the infielder said. “But I’m not really sure if my

Phillies Sell Groat to Giants

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June 21, 1967

The Philadelphia Phillies officially handed their shortstop job to 22 year-old rookie Gary Sutherland by announcing the sale of 38-year-old Dick Groat to the San Francisco Giants for the $20,000 waiver price. Sutherland took over when Groat had to go on the disabled list last month with an ankle injury. Although Groat had been fit

Braves Acquire Uecker in Catcher Swap

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June 6, 1967

The Philadelphia Phillies tonight traded catcher Bob Uecker to the Atlanta Braves for catcher Gene Oliver. General Manager John Quinn said the trade of the two 32-year receivers was completed in New York at today’s free-agent draft. Uecker, who came to the Phillies in 1965 along with Bill White and Dick Groat from St. Louis,

Phils' Short Injured in Pregame Drills

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May 24, 1967

It would seem that the troubles of Manager Gene Mauch and the Phillies were almost endless. However, the latest disaster in the way of an injured player was tempered somewhat by the return of first baseman Bill White to the regular lineup and the possibility that shortstop Dick Groat would be ready to play soon.

Groat Out Indefinitely With Ankle Injury

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April 20, 1967

Shortstop Dick Groat was hospitalized by a mysterious infection in his right ankle and is out indefinitely. Groat could not recall injuring the ankle, but the veteran could barely walk the morning he was sent to St. Joesph’s Hospital. There was no fracture, X-rays revealed. The swelling was diagnosed as a superficial infection of the

1967 St. Louis Cardinals Preview

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April 1, 1967

Street & Smith’s: With Sandy Koufax gone, the Cardinals were crowing in April that they owned the best pitching staff in the league. It was a legitimate boast on the basis of 1966 figures. The sixth place Cardinals, who won only four more games than they lost, got that far only because of a superlative

1967 Philadelphia Phillies Preview

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Street & Smith’s: Tough luck hit. Gene Mauch’s forces before spring training started when his great first baseman, Bill White, suffered a torn Achilles tendon in a gymnasium mishap in St. Louis. It robbed Mauch and his associates of some of the enthusiasm a senes deals by general manager John Quinn had generated for a

Jackson Evens Record; Groat Stars in 1-0 Win

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September 18, 1966

Larry Jackson of the Phillies evened his record at 14-14 with a 1-0 shutout of the Los Angeles Dodgers before 36,183 at Dodger Stadium. Dick Groat was the hitting star with half of the Phils’ six hits, including a single in the third inning that drove in Jackson for the game’s sole run. The Dodgers

Aging Phillies May Look to Rebuild

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August 31, 1966

The Phillies have been hovering around the break-even mark this second half, and many baseball observers claim the Phillies must contend or begin another rebuilding project, because the team is basically an old one. Those observers overlook some important points. It is true that three of the Phillies’ pitchers are over 35, but two of

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