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Giants Look to Remain Healthy Down Stretch

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August 15, 1966

When asked about a potential magic number for the National League flag, Giants Manager Herman Franks first says that his Big Three – Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry and Bobby Bolin – will have to work in every fourth-day rotation. “Maybe toward the end,” said Franks, “I might have to ask one of them – or

Franks Irked at Report to Not Use Pitchers

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July 13, 1966

As usual, a little unhappiness occurred at the annual All-Star Game when it was printed that Herman Franks of the Giants “told off” the manager of the National Leaguers, Walter Alston of the Dodgers. It didn’t happen exactly the way it was implied, and the aftermath was mild if embarrassing. It was written after the

All Star Game 1966: Haller Wins Game in 10th For NL

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July 12, 1966

Giants manager Herman Franks made a small request to rival manager Walter Alston, captain of the National League squad. Franks asked Alston not to use Giant pitchers Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry, and was reportedly miffed as Marichal pitched three innings and Perry two. But National League fans certainly appreciated the next Giant that Alston

Mays Breaks National League Home Run Record

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May 24, 1966

On the evening of May 24, Willie Mays finally became the National League’s premier home run hitter. The historic shot came off Pittsburgh’s Vern Law in the fourth inning, and perhaps more importantly to Mays, tied the game which the Giants later won, 4-3. After swatting 54 clouts last season, the home runs have fewer

Giant Jottings – September 6, 1965

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September 6, 1965

* Life has not been a bowl of joy for Giant ace Juan Marichal since August 22. Besides a nine-day suspension and a $1,750 fine for hitting Dodger catcher John Roseboro over the head with a bat, Marichal was been threatened, booed, sued and banned in Los Angeles.Just before his first start following the suspension,

Smoke Signals – August 15, 1965

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August 15, 1965

* The Braves put on a demonstration, July 30, which they felt proved any National League pitcher can throw the illegal spitball without any interference from the umpires. Bob Shaw of the Giants beat his old club, 2-0, and along the way, the Braves got the idea he was throwing a few spitters. Manager Bobby

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