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Watson Joins Long List of Astro Casualties

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July 30, 1968

When Houston General Manager Spec Richardson got the word about Bob Watson, he shouldn’t have been too surprised. Spec surely was accustomed to hearing the worst by then. Watson suffered torn ligaments in his ankle and bone chips, and will be out six to eight weeks, which was about how long the season had to

Gladding Out for Season Due to Arm Surgery

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July 5, 1968

A decision for Fred Gladding to undergo surgery for removal of bone chips and a spur from his elbow took the big righthander out of the Astros’ picture for the season. The 32-year-old relief pitcher had been bothered by the trouble all year and had pitched in six games, working six and two-thirds innings. Gladding

Morgan Loss Looms Larger Daily as Weak Attack Handcuffs Astros

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June 5, 1968

With fifty games completed in the National League, nobody in the Houston organization was yet ready to rule out a first-division bid by the Astros. The way the race was going, a good spurt might do wonders for the Spacemen. But an objective look at the situation indicated that such a move was unlikely. The

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