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Robby, Rusty Named Top August Batters

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September 2, 1969

The Baltimore Orioles are laying waste on their American League competition, but it will mean nothing until the AL pennant is flying again over Memorial Stadium. In the meanwhile, the Oriole players are collecting monthly accolades like a ten-year-old boy collects baseball cards. This time, Frank Robinson is honored with American League Batter of the

Expos Are Collecting Blue Chippers

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June 15, 1969

The Expos have been wheeling and dealing like penny stock promoters in the past few weeks, but they feel two of the deals have produced blue-chip performers and a third swap could be a bonus. Starting out with 30 players considered expendable by ten established teams, the Canadian club now owns three men who were

Spec Would Make Astro Deals Again

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April 30, 1969

Spec Richardson, Houston’s general manager, says his explanation of what happened to the Astros at the start of the season is simple. “Our players have not played up to their potential,” said Richardson, who made more deals during the off season than any other general manager. He said he would go back and make every

Wild Scene of Triumph in Montreal

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April 14, 1969

You know something special is happening when fans bypass exits, parking lots, and taverns to head straight to the advance ticket windows and beg for more. That was the scene in Montreal on April 14 when they lined up to buy more ducats seconds after the Expos had brought big league baseball to Montreal, by

Clenendon Controversy Concludes with Compromise

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April 4, 1969

The Houston Astros concluded the Donn Clendenon controversy by accepting two young pitchers and an undisclosed amount of cash from the Montreal Expos. Roy Hofheinz, owner of the Astros, then said he he dropping a federal suit for a minimum $10,000 in damages from the Expos. Houston obtained John Billingham, 26, Montreal’s No. 2 or

Hofheinz Blasts Kuhn, Sues Over Staub Deal

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March 25, 1969

Commissioner Bowie Kuhn has taken on a fight to the finish for ruling that Rusty Staub is the property of the Expos, Roy Hofheinz, president of the Astros, said at a press conference March 22. Hofheinz retained legal counsel to carry the battle to civil court. Two days later, the Astros filed a petition before

Mets Accuse Walker of Fueling Brawl

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August 8, 1968

Houston, Tex, Aug. 8 (AP) – “If Harry Walker had kept his mouth shut, nothing would have happened,” said Gil Hodges, manager of the New York Mets. Hodges was referring to an eighth inning brawl in Wednesday night’s game between the Mets and Houston Astros. The Astros rallied after the brawl for a 4-3 win,

Redbirds Nestled Atop Senior Circuit

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July 10, 1968

Stan Musial recently tabbed this Cardinal club to be the one to “mold the greatest dynasty in the club’s history.” Who could argue with the Man? St. Louis seems intent on a rematch with Detroit in order to exact revenge for the bitter sweep in last year’s World Series with all of the games decided

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