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McBean Plugs L.A. Fireman Gap

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April 18, 1969

In the early stages of this season, Walter Alston answered the question as to what he needed most with just three words: “A relief pitcher.” Up until this spring, his answer had been, “a righthanded hitter.” Apparently satisfied that rookies Ted Sizemore, Bill Sudakis, and “veteran rookie” Andy Kosco, the emergence of WIllie Crawford and

Crawford Wins Dodger Salute As Overnight Star

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April 12, 1969

Willie Crawford is the newest Jack-in-the-box of the Dodgers, and he may be the best. It’s a phrase that is used advisedly, but Crawford has blossomed into a major leaguer almost overnight. “There’s the most improved player on the Dodgers,” stated Dave Bristol, the astute manager of the Reds after the opener in Cincinnati, referring

Wills Saves Dodgers For Another Day

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October 10, 1965

Los Angeles, Oct 10 – Every kid across America dreams of the scenario while playing ball: bases-loaded, full count, and the World Series on the line. And on this Sunday afternoon, that’s the scenario where Maurice Morning Wills found himself against the Twins’ Mudcat Grant. Wills hit a fly ball along the right field line.

Twins Take Opener, 7-5.

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October 6, 1965

Bloomington, Minn., Oct 6 – The Twins’ power overcame the Dodgers’ pitching in the first game of the 1965 World Series as the Twins took the opener, 7-5, on an overcast Minnesota afternoon. The Twins peppered Don Drysdale for twelve hits accounting for six runs before chasing the big righthander in the fifth inning. Twins’

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