Colavito: "Play Me Or Trade Me"

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May 14, 1967

Rookie Cleveland manager Joe Adcock is not finding life as a manager very rosy as star outfielder Rocky Colavito voiced his displeasure of Adock's treatment.
Rocky Colavito, who had masked his unhappiness about being platooned in the Indians’ outfield, broke his silence and issued a public statement. In a carefully-worded prepared statement, the 33-year-old slugger told of his resentment about sharing the Tribe’s left-field position with Leon Wagner. Colavito emphasized he was not trying to give General Manager Gabe Paul a “play-me-or-trade-me” ultimatum, but he made it clear he things he’s being treated unfairly by Manager Joe Adcock. Rocky also hinted that he thought Adcock was under orders by Paul not to play him regularly.

After the statement was read to Paul, the Indian chief said, “that’s very eloquently written, but beyond that I’ll not comment. ” Neither would Adcock, although the manager later answered several questions concerning the unhappy outfielder’s status.

“Will you order Colavito to come in and discuss the situation with you?” Joe was asked. “No sire, I won’t call him in,” replied Adcock. “But if he wants to see me about this thing he’s welcome.” “Will Rocky’s statement affect his status on the team?” was the next question posed the manager. “It doesn’t affect his status in any way. I manage this team and when I think Colavito can help by playing, he’ll play,” snapped Adcock.

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