Martin K.O’s Ace Boswell

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August 12, 1969

Twins’ pitcher Dave Boswell wears a pair of blue tinted sunglasses to hide the fact that he has a pair of black eyes which he received in a fight with Twin’s manager Billy Martin August 6th outside of a Detroit tavern.
The Minnesota Twins have dropped four straight on the road, and an interesting dynamic that may be behind the clubs’ descent. The shocking news came today as Martin, manager of the high-flying Twins, disclosed he knocked Boswell out during a fight last Wednesday at a Detroit nightclub, the Lindell A.C., after Boswell had socked and kicked OF Bob Allison. Boswell, reported to have received 20 stitches to close facial wounds, did not show up for the weekend series in Baltimore. The right-hander, who has a 14-7 record for the AL West leaders, was sent home to Minnesota as the Twins went to New York to continue their road trip against the Yankees. Martin, a scrapper during his playing days on and off the field, had seven stitches taken in his right hand which was badly swollen. Allison was reluctant to talk about the incident, but Martin said the big outfielder had several teeth chipped, sustained a black eye, and was kicked in the back.

Martin said the trouble started after pitching coach Art Fowler reported Boswell had not run his normal 18 to 20 laps preceding Wednesday night’s game in Detroit, leaving the field after running two. “I saw Boswell after the game at a restaurant,” Martin said, “and I told him I wanted to talk to him the next day about the laps. At about 11:30 [P.M.], Boswell left the place and said he was on his way, ‘to get that squealer, Fowler.’ Allison went outside to try to stop Boswell, and was standing there with his hands in his pockets when Boswell hit him with a Sunday punch, knocked him down and almost out. Both players were being held away from each other when I arrived on the scene. Boswell then ripped right out of this shirt and came after me. He struck me in the temple and in the chest.” Martin said he then got the upper hand and landed “about five or six punches in the stomach, a couple to the head, and when he came off the wall I hit him again. He was out before he hit the ground.” Martin said he would back any action taken by club owner Calvin Griffith. “We’re trying to win a pennant,” Martin said, “not battles.”

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